Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mix Collage

Todd’s Redi Mix is a leading supplier of ready mixed concrete, with ready mix concrete operations in the Northwestern lakes region of Wisconsin. Todd’s is a DOT certified ready mix concrete suppler. We supply ready mixed concrete for infrastructure, commercial and industry applications as well as residential and agricultural projects.

Quality Control

Quality control testing is performed routinely at all of our facilities. Todd’s Redi Mix continually evaluates new materials, reviews mix designs and tests product performance.  We do all of this to provide benefits, insure specification compliance, and improve customer satisfaction.

Service & Delivery

The construction industry is a people business; that is why our sales staff works hard to build strong relationships with customers.  They understand and respond quickly to their customers’ needs. Our quality products are scheduled at our central dispatch location by outstanding dispatchers, who manage orders throughout the day to get you the right product to your jobsite on time using the latest in GPS technology.

We also operate a talented and long-standing fleet of experienced truck drivers which bring a “service first” attitude to get products to the jobsite safely and quickly.

Other Products:

Integral Color/Color Release Agents/Fiber Mesh/Sealers/Form Release

Surface Retarders/Rebar/Galvanized Anchor Bolts/Expansion Joint


Todd’s Redi Mix has several locations set up to accept and receive broken up concrete and asphalt for recycling.  Recycling our precious resources is something that Todd’s takes very seriously. These efforts promote sustainability of our resources.

Please contact our local offices for locations where you can dispose of your materials.